Key Accounts - A global approach


Over the last 50 years, Welding Alloys has been pioneering globalisation in welding by always implementing operations close to our customers, understanding the various business cultures and overcoming language barriers. Today, we have created a network of more than 30 companies that serve local markets and develop innovative solutions to address customers needs.

The world becoming more and more a global economy where our local customers have turned into companies present in 5 continents, WAG decided to introduce a Global Key Account Management organisation where experienced sales people around the globe look after key customers with operations in various countries. The Key Account Management Approach is key within our One Welding Alloys Strategy.

After setting up an action plan to develop a global sales and technical team, the key accounts project was launched in 2017.

During the whole year, Key Account Managers have been re-inforcing the link with their key customer, streamlining our product offer, tackling tough challenges and showing strong leadership. The first results of this approach are promising with an estimated two-digit business growth (in %) for 2017 compared to 2016!

Below are a few pictures to illustrate our approach:

Carlos Aguilar – Hardfacing job on a VRM/Michel Maurer cleaning the path for WA products/Adrian Pavel inspecting rollers in a steel caster/Alain Michel

From left to right: Carlos Aguilar – Hardfacing job on a VRM, Michel Maurer cleaning the path for WA products, Adrian Pavel inspecting rollers in a steel caster, Alain Michel ready to go on site

The Key Account Management Approach is a long journey that places the customer in the middle, where we provide our complete attention to solving their technical challenges with our premium products and services. A lot of promising opportunities are already arising!

Manoj Sharma, Benoît Bouquin & Sidheshwar Ghosh in the biggest steel plant of India.


Benoît Bouquin, Welding Alloys Group Business Development Director

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