NxG Project - Welding Alloys Next Generation


NxG Project? A new super-alloy? The latest cladding technology? A Hollywood Blockbuster? The name of the German Hybrid SUV? No, no... NxG at Welding Alloys stands for Next Generation!

As WA employees are the biggest asset of the company, the Executive Team decided to involve "Millennials" of the company to work on key topics around Human Resources and Digitalisation with the target to make Welding Alloys one of the best 100 companies to work for.

Six young talents from various regions and disciplines met in Paris in November to "brain-storm" on key initiatives to improve our working experience and addresss the future challenges in the digital world. Abbie Hughes, daughter of Ella Stekly, also attended the meeting to share her external ideas on how the company can grow. 

Photo (left side): Chrstian Witt, Adrien Jollet, Armando Manzano, Bastien Gérard, Shirley Irons, Selvi Ezhenkowan, Lauren Calvert, Benoit Bouquin.

The overall feeling is that Welding Alloys is a great company to work for, a lot of constructive proposals have been made and together it has been decided to work on the following projects:

  • Formal Mentor Programme
  • WA Exchange Programme
  • Collaboration with Universities
  • Internal Social Media
  • Business Cultural Engagement
  • Continuous Learning
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Each member of the NxG Team will work in collaboration with a member of the Executive Team on these projects in the coming months and present their conclusions during the next Executive Team meeting.

Benoît Bouquin, Welding Alloys Group Business Development Director


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