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These days, we are more and more knowledgeable thanks to the quantity and accessibility of online information. Indeed, it has never been easier to share our ideas, compare existing solutions, etc.

Taking into account the existing key industrial challenges our customers are facing, Welding Alloys Group have recently finalised a number of advanced projects suitable for hardfacing jobs.

Two of these are presented below:

① Looking for a fume-free hardfacing solution in your workshop?

Use our HARDFACE -S cored wire

Overexposure to certain types of welding fumes can cause brain damage or lung cancer. With the aim of taking care of our welders, Welding Alloys has developed a full range of Chromium cast irons using a Fume-free welding process: Submerged Arc Welding

These consumables are the perfect answer for ensuring a high quality weld deposit and optimised chemical analysis thanks to the excellent operability offered by the SAW process.

“Fume-free and no arc radiation” hardfacing consumables will easily become the ultimate choice for your workshop!


② Looking to upgrade your standard and well-known Chromium cast iron solution (27%Cr - 5%C)?


Quite often, our hardfacing consumables are used in monolayer. Taking that into account, we have developed a brand new Cr cast iron cored wire, which will drastically increase the service life of your equipment.

The math is simple:
A simple change of cored wire + the same welding procedure = a higher service life!




Bastien Gérard, WA France Sales Welding Engineer

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