“Keep your employees happy, they will keep you and the customers happy”


Our top priority at Speedmet Aluminium Turkey is Health and Safety. We have achieved 1,350 days without LTI, which is a record for a manufacturing company! Our second main priority is “motivation” which we consider the most important factor to being a successful company - our machines don’t run themselves, we rely on a human touch.

Here at Speedmet, we like to recognize a “SpeedMan” or “SpeedWoman” each month. Now, you might be thinking we work with superheroes (which is close), but this is actually our designation for our employees of the month - an incentive we initiated back in 2014.

Each month, blue-collar workers are evaluated by their respective shift supervisor, the Quality Manager, and the Plant Manager. While our white-collar workers prepare monthly presentations which highlight their key achievements (cost reduction, increased profit, other social developments) for that month. SpeedMan (or woman) of the month receives a certificate which is hung up on our main wall for one month and welcomes all visitors entering our building, they also receive a prize of one gold coin (worth about $75).

Additionally, we also select a SpeedMan (or woman) of the year. This person is selected by the same team (later approved by the MD) every January and the criteria are the same but evaluated based on one full year - the lucky winner gets to have their certificate on the main wall forever and the size of the gold coin is bigger. 

Since September 2014, our employees rate as 96-98% happy and are extremely motivated (indicated by questionnaires), and happy workers = increased productivity, quality, and profitability!

When the company exceeds budget sales and profit in a month, we always celebrate it and everybody receives a bonus at the month end. In doing this, employees start to view the company as their ‘own’ and do not feel as if they are working for a ‘boss’. We keep our employees happy and they keep us and the customers happy. 

Since the foundation of the company in 2002, March 2018 was our record month in production and sales. We celebrated this milestone together and had a fun picnic with our valued customers as well. A big thanks to the great Speedmet team, together we will be Number 1 in Aluminium Welding Wires…


Eser Atalas, Speedmet Aluminium Director

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