Safety first!


The Welding Alloys Group held their first ever "Health & Safety Awareness week” from the 14th to the 18th May. We had a topic each day (Smoking, Personal Health & Hygiene, Housekeeping, Electricity awareness, Road Safety) and numerous activities going on across the Group to help promote the importance of working safely as well as promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


Our team in Malaysia decided to do a Step Challenge and also ran a healthy weight loss challenge amongst several other activities. We had many other fitness challenges taking place, which included a temporary badminton court being set up in France, Argentina unsurprisingly decided to get everyone out during the breaks for a game of football and the US team set up a fitness room with some gym equipment.

In some of our sites they were also able to arrange external advisers to come in and cover topics such as road safety, health awareness and electrical safety.

Our day focusing on housekeeping lead many people to tidy up their working environments and the one on Electrical Awareness helped us inform all of our employees on the dangers of electricity and how they can eliminate any risks.

Each day the team were provided with a "5 Minute for Safety" information briefing on each of the subjects that were covered and we had quizzes and competitions in place to make it a fun week, as well as enforcing some important messages around safety.

We hope that the various activities to improve health, fitness and safety awareness at work will continue beyond the H&S Awareness week. We certainly feel the week was a great success and will look to run a similar event again in the future.

In Welding Alloys - it is Safety First - Always


Shirley Irons, Welding Alloys Group Human Ressources Director

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