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A second Roll Cladder machine for Atlas

Atlas’ second machine may be smaller, but it is ready to compete with its big brother.

After welding with the largest roll cladder in North America since 2012, Atlas Machine and Supply Inc. have purchased a smaller version from Welding Alloys to weld components up to 8000kg. The new machine has been designed to simplify operations and incorporate many of the same components as their original machine to reduce the need for spare parts.

During the two-day visit, Richie Gimmel, Brent Blanc (Atlas) and Matt Reiff (WA USA) were shown the full capability of the machine by Reda Boujlil (senior customer support engineer). The machine was put through a series of tests, welding oscillate and stringer bead with step every 360° or spiral movement using the sub arc and gas shielding process.

Welding Alloys has proven itself as a reliable partner and discussions have already started on a third fixed installation machine, as well as applications where our range of portable equipment can be used.

Richie told us what makes Welding Alloys the “go to provider of welding equipment” for Atlas: “The choice to buy a second machine from Welding Alloys was an easy one. While other companies make welding machines, Welding Alloys takes the time to understand our business, and work together with our people to ensure we get the right machine. The result is a custom, collaborative solution that will be a profitable part of our business for many years to come.”

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