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Rebuilding ceramic embedded rolls

Making the impossible possible!

Based on a culture of continuous innovation, Welding Alloys is constantly developing its solutions to ensure the best results. We provide tailored solutions aimed at significantly prolonging the lifespan of industrial components while simultaneously reducing total cost of ownership. This commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction spans over decades, during which we have delivered several ground-breaking wear protection solutions to the cement industry. What sets us apart is our ability to offer unique solutions that truly meet the needs of customers.

Rolls used in cement mills are critical components; providing advanced wear solutions for these parts is something that our Integra services teams have spent years perfecting. Previously, it was considered impossible to rebuild worn ceramic embedded rolls, making these parts destined for the boneyard. However, Welding Alloys is always up for a challenge and with our technical expertise and knowledge, we have made the impossible possible.

When a customer reached out to Welding Alloys USA about the possibility of rebuilding one of their worn ceramic embedded rolls, we quickly leveraged our global expertise to come up with a solution. We were able to effectively carry out the repair using our advanced cored wires and a specialist welding method that did not require gouging of the ceramics.

Welding Alloys USA has established itself as the centre of excellence within the Welding Alloys Group for rebuilding worn ceramic embedded rolls. Having refined and mastered the solution now, they are sharing their expert knowledge across the globe, and recently our subsidiary in Malaysia, Welding Alloys (Far East) also successfully rebuilt a segmented ceramic roll for one of their customers.

To date, Welding Alloys has successfully rebuilt more than 30 ceramic embedded rolls, with the longest being in service for over 18 months without encountering any issues. This consistent track record highlights the unparalleled reliability and longevity of our solutions.

With Welding Alloys, customers can anticipate wear performance that equals or surpasses that of the original rolls, an in-depth understanding of ceramic embedded roll refurbishment, and a reduced environmental footprint.

If you are interested to learn more about this ground-breaking solution, get in touch with one of our experts to benefit from enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved sustainability.

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