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Welding Alloys significantly increases the lifetime of your roller presses with RPMaxlife Technology

High pressure roller presses are used in the cement industry to crush minerals such as clinker, limestone and slag. The abrasive nature of these minerals results in wear on grinding rolls. The replacement cost of rolls of a roller press is quite expensive. For this reason, cement manufacturers often have their roller press rolls refurbished at a much lower cost by means of hardface welding.

Through years of experience and innovation, Welding Alloys has developed RPMaxLife technology to extend the life of rolls upon refurbishment. With RPMaxLife technology, we can ensure maximum plant availability by reducing wear.

Welding Alloys (Far East) has refurbished a pair of rolls of a roller press for a Malaysian Cement Company and it has been working for more than 14,000 hours without any intervention for hardfacing. In addition, no indication of spalling was observed on both rolls during the latest inspection conducted on 15th August 2019 (more than 14,000 hours). The first tramp metal passed through the rolls was observed on 21st Jan 2018 at 4658 running hours.

The conventional hardfacing techniques for roller presses with Titanium Carbide or Niobium Carbide hardfacing alloys typically results in repair or refurbishment after 3,500 hours of grinding. As seen in the case above, RPMaxLife technology extends the service life of rolls far beyond this.

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