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Ceramic Roller rebuilding

In October, Welding Alloys Vietnam (WAVN) received a request from The Vissai Group (Vissai Ha Nam Cement site) to solve one of their industrial challenges. Three ceramic rollers for grinding raw material failed to meet the warranty period, therefore the production capacity dropped (See Gallery picture 1). The first solution was to import the new replacement rollers but this would have taken at least 3 months including installation, which was too long of a time to be running the inefficient mill. The second alternative was to repair local dents/spalling until the new rollers come, which they tried to repair by themselves but they were unsuccessful.

The customer contacted Vega (the manufacturer) but Vega had no experience in welding and could not provide any support, so WAVN was then called to help them. Our first approach led to new cracks appearing on the base roller (Gallery picture 2).
WAVN had carried out the root cause analysis and found that cracks were due to overheating. The mill was available for welding only 3 hours a day, hence welders had welded at maximum parameters to beat the limited time-window.

In a second approach, we optimized all welding conditions to come to a satisfactory result (Gallery picture 3).

Finally, we had completed the work within 20 days (from 24/10 to 17/11) or 240 hours of hard work, and increased productivity from 60% to 95%. The customer was very thankful to us and said that only Welding Alloys could do the hard work like this in Vietnam.

We are proud of WAG’s vision to be the go-to provider of engineered wear protection solutions!

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