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Cost savings handed to you on a plate

The manufacture of hardfaced plate is a very competitive business and every cost saving has a big impact on profitability.
The latest generation of rotary plate cladder manufactured by Welding Alloys France pushes productivity and cost savings to new levels. The four independent welding heads with oscillation speeds up to 100 cycles per minute allow high deposition rates while minimising distortion of the base plate. The “seam skip” function stops welding at the junction of the plates resulting in up to 2% reduction of wire consumption for a 60mm seam on a 3m plate.
As well as cost savings, the “seam skip” function allows the plate to be cut along the non-welded section reducing exposure to Cr6. As standard, the machine is able to weld stringer beads or oscillation with three patterns: straight, sine wave and chevron.
The latest Rotary Plate Cladder to be delivered to one of our customers in the US is operating at a 25% faster rate than the customer’s traditional plate manufacturing equipment.
Our team from the WA Machines department were there to ensure the smooth set-up of the equipment and will provide training and support for the machine over the coming weeks!

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