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Hydro: Green energy, like Welding Alloys!

Welding Alloys is the undisputed leader in Brazil for the supply of welding consumables for the repair and maintenance of hydraulic turbines, as proven by record sales of CAVITALLOY wire made since the beginning of this year.

This base metal austenitic flux-cored wire is recommended locally by major OEM’s. Thanks to a finely tuned chemical composition and Cobalt content, it offers unparalleled resistance to cavitation, corrosion and erosion and significantly increases lifetime and performance of the turbines.

It can be welded in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. The hardness of the weld deposit is 240 HB and reaches 50HRC once work hardened. One of the major advantages of this wire is that it does not require heat treatment after welding.

With its success in Brazil, the world’s third-largest hydro producer, Welding Alloys aims to strengthen its presence in other countries. For this, we have developed a complete range of “Hydro” cored wires, both for the manufacturing and repair & maintenance of turbines. Promising new projects are underway, including preventive cladding tests with CAVITALLOY.

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