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Industrial Applications driving innovation in welding consumables

Steel Making

The latest materials with custom-tailored properties often demand advanced welding consumables and innovative processing.  In other words, they are well in line with Welding Alloys’ DNA.  Silicon is becoming more and more important as an alloy in stainless steels, designed to resist against highly oxidizing acids like boiling nitric acid or concentrated hot sulfuric acid.

URANUS S1, ZECOR or SANDVIK SX are all proprietary high silicon austenitic stainless steels with an ever-increasing range of industrial applications. These steels contain about 5% silicon, which improves the corrosion resistance in hot strong acid, but presents a real challenge when it comes to good welding properties, productivity and appearance.

The Welding Alloys Group works with engineering companies and steel manufacturers to develop and produce practical solutions – GMAW and FCAW consumables – to weld these steels.

Our challenging objective was to design a Ø 1.2 mm metalcored wire that meets our customers’ required mechanical properties, which combined with suitable welding procedures offers a complete solution.

Industrial testing in collaboration with end-users & steel manufacturers led to a new wire product launch: TUBE S 361G. TUBE S 361-G is primarily designed to join stainless steel 1.4361 but is suitable as well for dissimilar welding of the steels mentioned above. It is a metal-cored wire that is already used in production by a leading European vessel manufacturer. TUBE S 361-G outperforms GTAW (TIG welding) in terms of deposition rate, whilst weldability is far improved when compared to GMAW (MIG welding) with solid wire.


C Mn Si Cr Ni N S P
0.02 1.7 4.0 19.5 13 0.10 0.006 0.020

Typical ferrite level: 15FN

Jean-Marie Bonnel, WA Group R&D Director

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