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Let us upgrade your older machine to the latest technology

Welding Alloys machines are built to last and the heavy-duty frame will stand the test of time. Like with all equipment, technology is constantly changing and evolving, and to continue to replace equipment in order to benefit from the latest developments in technology can quickly become expensive.

With a Welding Alloys retrofit solution, we solve this problem. You benefit from the same great hardware, but with the latest software – and at a fraction of the cost!  Upgrading your machine provides an excellent option for old or obsolete machines to ensure welding equipment remains up-to-date. The machine base frame is kept and refurbished with the latest D3-Touch technology allowing a smooth transition in production to the latest generation of control system.

Recently the MBU team have been involved in retrofitting a long-standing UK customer with the latest D3-Touch technology on their old D2 Twin Station machine. And while the equipment had proved to be very reliable over the years, it was necessary for an upgrade of the operating technology to optimise the efficiency of the machine.

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