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MillCarb: We enter a new era of wear protection

After a lot of talk and some secrecy around MillCarb, the solution was officially launched on 5 April 2018. We specifically refer to it as a solution, as this is exactly what MillCarb is. It creates an ideal opportunity for Welding Alloys Group to offer customers a truly engineered and fully optimised welded overlay solution. So far testing in aggressive coal grinding applications has proven that MillCarb outperforms all products it has been tested against. These include market-leading ceramic embedded rollers.

What is MillCarb?

MillCarb is a unique multi-layer welded overlay material comprising of ceramic-carbide particles embedded into a hard and wear resistant chrome and complex carbide rich matrix resulting in the ultimate solution to combat wear in coal and cement grinding applications.

The success of MillCarb is predominantly rooted in the “How” and not necessarily the “What” of the solution. Through extensive research, development, expert scientific analysis and real-time field testing a welding procedure was derived, ensuring the following aspects of the solution

  • Full repeatability
  • Multi-layer welding up to 20mm thick
  • Area-specific deposition if needed, to ensure ultimate protection in high wear zones
  • A fully re-weldable solution
  • Uniformly distributed ceramic-carbide particles throughout the thickness of the overlay
  • Availability from strategically placed Welding Alloys Integra facilities

With MillCarb, we enter a new era of wear protection for mill grinding components, setting new standards for the cement and coal milling industries.

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