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KW Technologies: The new force to the mining arises!

Knowing the Potential

Chile is the largest copper producer and one of the main mining countries in the world. The mine is where you can see the greatest effects of abrasion since there is a considerable amount of movement of raw material, and the high volume and hardness causes equipment to wear, most notably equipment used for loading, transport, crushing, among others. As maintenance costs are becoming higher for hard rocks and downtime increases, those in the mining industry are constantly looking for better solutions.

For this reason, increasing the equipment service lifetime can considerably reduce ownership costs.

KW Technologies

KW Technologies has been created in association with WAG and the major mining distributor Kupfer Hermanos S.A. and will be established in Santiago, Chile, to respond to this market demand by offering high quality hardfaced plates which significantly increase the service life of mining components.

The company specialises in providing solutions for impact/wear, offering a wide range of bi-metallic plates and final parts but also services, such as Makuri, RPMaxLife, and GAMMA 182-O crack repairing. KW provides innovative products and services that fulfil all the major requirements of such a demanding industry.

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