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A couple of months ago, a cooper mine plant asked KW to repair their SANDVIK H8800 Hydrocone crusher.

This crusher has 4 liner parts, which protect the bottom shell from the impact and abrasion of the crushed rock (see Gallery picture 1). Currently, the maintenance is done using new parts that are replaced when the wear on them is critical (see Gallery picture 2).

The base material used is Cast Manganese Steel, according to ASTM A128 Gr. B-1. Its initial Hardness is 180-230 HB, able to work-harden up to 500 HB.

KW recommended preventive hardfacing in order to increase the service life of the parts by at least 30% compared to the original spare parts. The solution consists of:

•   Buffer Layer: HARDFACE MAX-IMPACT.

•   Hard Layer: HARDFACE TICM-O.

•  For each set of 4 liners, the following trial applications were done:

– 2 of them include an intermediate mixed layer (1 bead of MAX-IMPACT + 1 bead of TICM-O), focused on the high-wear surface (see Gallery picture 3); between the buffer and hard layers.

– On the other 2 liners, a V-Shape pattern is welded over the final layer (see Gallery picture 4)

Since the customer has not found any other alternatives for improving service life at this point, we are on trial, which means we can test different options in order to hit the mark, and find the best solution.

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