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MultiSurfacer H-Frame

Oil & Gas

The MultiSurfacer H-Frame is the perfect example of the flexibility of Welding Alloys machines; using standard parts and controls it is possible to manufacture equipment for a large number of applications. The machine below was manufactured in 2015 for hardfacing valve discs seats for the oil, gas & Water Industries. The machine has both the D3-Touch screen and pendant controls to enable the operator program the machine and make fine adjustments close to the welding.

The MultiSurfacer H-Frame was presented at the global forging meeting held in France in November as a solution to flood weld or locally repair dies. The basic machine with addition of heat shield enables the operator to work safely away from the high pre-heat temperatures needed for this type of work.

In the first quarter of 2017 new catalogues will be available starting with the MultiSurfacer roll cladder series of machines.

David Butler, Welding Alloys Group Machines Manufacturing Director

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