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A stellar solution: STELLOY Cobalt

Valves and valve components used in the oil & gas industry are essential to regulate, direct, and control gases and fluids. Plug valves in particular are essential to regulate the flow of fluid. Materials travelling through plug valves can be particularly abrasive, corrosive and exhibit extreme temperatures.

Our range of STELLOY cobalt wires are the best available on the market for the protection of valves and valve components. These cobalt based cored wires provide exceptional resistance to metal-to-metal wear, oxidation, erosion, corrosion and high temperatures.

Two of our most popular solutions in the range include STELLOY 6-G and STELLOY 21-G, both of which provide unrivalled wear resistance. A major manufacturer of plug valves and long time customer of Welding Alloys Italiana knows this all too well. For the last 8 years they’ve consistently used STELLOY 6-G and STELLOY 21-G for the cladding of the body and plug of a wide range of high pressure valves, resulting in increased service life of these parts and reduced total cost of ownership. Our STELLOY cobalt wires are their preferred choice as they offer excellent weldability and flexibility.

STELLOY 21-G is ideal for use on parts subject to a combination of impact, abrasion, compression, corrosion and high temperatures up to 900°C, whilst STELLOY 6-G is suitable for use on parts undergoing the single or combined effects of metal-to-metal wear, abrasion, temperatures up to 800°C, impact and corrosive environments.

STELLOY cobalt wires are suitable for semi-automatic, automatic or robotic processes and offer great weld appearance and consistent weld deposits. These cored welding wires are suitable for a wide range of applications.

In the image below you can see a large body valve after machining, it has no trace of porosities!

Plug Valve BODY

Explore our range of STELLOY cobalt wires, or get in touch with one of our technical experts today for help finding the perfect wear solution.

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