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Welding Alloys Integra solving industrial challenges in the Petrochemical industry!

In early 2017, Welding Alloys Thailand received the challenging request to clad a stainless steel 316 column with Alloy C276 by Alunox in a Thai chemical refinery plant.

The estimated remaining thickness of the column was only 6mm, which is very thin and there was a high risk that it would be deformed by cladding. However, this is how the project began: the mockup test was done in 2018 in order to confirm the appropriate cladding procedure and the new water-cooling system and reinforcement were applied to prevent deformation. In May 2019, the 45m2 cladded and patched area including the additional internal pipe and nozzle cladding were done successfully and we even received a safe performance recognition achievement by the customer.

Thanks to the Welding Alloys cladding solution, the customer can benefit from extended lifetime of the column and cost savings from not having to replace the column. Yet another successful Integra solution provided to a satisfied customer.

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