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MillCarb providing superior wear protection for a customer in Malaysia

Back in 2019, Welding Alloys Far East (WAFE) received VRM Coal Mill Rollers from a local Power Plant for hardfacing. In light of the previous success of MillCarb – our advanced wear solution for grinding components, the decision was taken to supply 3 of the rollers welded with this solution.

The WA Integra team at WAFE carried out the hardfacing of the rollers and after successful completion of the project, the rollers were inspected, measured and returned to the customer for installation.

Installation went according to plan and the mills were recommissioned towards the end of 2019. Roughly one year (7 000 hours) later, WAFE was contacted by the customer again to carry out hardfacing based on the yearly welding cycle. Upon inspection and measurement, the decision was taken to only re-weld the rollers that had not been hardfaced with our MillCarb solution, and to return the MillCarb rollers to service without intervention based on very little wear at the time.

The MillCarb rollers had a smooth and even wear profile with roughly 50% of wear compared to the other rollers. As demonstrated in the images below, this advanced solution undoubtedly offers superior wear resistance.

MillCarb is a fully repairable, welded ceramic composite metal matrix alloy providing an optimised engineered wear protection solution for grinding components. MillCarb has been developed together with industry leading mill OEM’s and experts in material science to ensure optimum performance when needed most and is setting new standards for the cement and coal milling industries.

The tight controls and unique welding process of MillCarb result in a final product of up to 20 mm thick, embedded with uniformly distributed ceramic-carbide particles throughout the entire thickness of the welded overlay. The size, shape, make-up, and deposition techniques of these particles were determined through a scientific approach, combined with real-time testing ensuring that particle segregation is virtually eliminated. One of the advantages of MillCarb is the uniform wear rate throughout the deposit thickness. Dilution from the base material has little effect on the wear rate and the solution does not necessarily rely on the choice of welding consumable, chemistry, and cooling rates for its success.

If you want to find out more about how you can benefit from prolonged service life and reduced total cost of ownership of grinding components contact your local Welding Alloys subsidiary.

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