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A new challenge for the Machine Business Unit!

Recently, the Machine Business Unit delivered two new ROTARY YOKE 1500s to a customer in Russia. The new units are similar to equipment that has previously been put into operation by the customer, working in forging components for the railway industry. However, the latest deliveries came equipped with an upgrade to the control system. Previously operating on the D2 system, the customer ordered the new units with the D3 touchscreen control system in order to increase production.

This was the first time we have produced this type of machine since the MBU moved to France. It was interesting to rebuild a new complete version of the Rotary Yoke, using new components, working with new vendors and developing new features for the latest version of this machine. These machines are produced to the same level of quality and reliability as all of our equipment and we have integrated new devices, which create new possibilities for the end user.

It is great to have succeeded in manufacturing this new equipment, which is part of our catalogue of standard solutions for use in various industries (forging, railways, public works, agriculture, maintenance, etc.) The machine can be used to hardface parts up to a maximum weight of 1.5 tonnes, with a maximum diameter of 1200 mm and a maximum height of 1000 mm. The machine can be used for open arc welding or gas shielded.

Now the MBU team are focused on our deliveries for the 2nd quarter, mainly for customers in the US.

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