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Welding Alloys HARDFACE AP-O, the preferred choice for PT KAI, Indonesia

The Indonesian railway system boasts an active track length of 4,069 kilometres with a rail gauge of 1,067mm. Under the National Railway Vision 2030, the projected total investment until 2030 for Indonesian railway will reach over USD$67 billion. Meanwhile, Indonesian railway passenger and cargo transportation has also seen an annual increase of 6-7% in recent years.

In 2015, Welding Alloys (Far East) Sdn. Bhd. (WAFE) with its local Indonesian partner, CV Cahayamas Abadi (formerly PT Andalan Globalindo) saw the opportunity to provide our railway welding solutions to PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI), the major operator of public railways in Indonesia, to improve their welding productivity and quality.

Cahayamas Abadi took the lead in successfully introducing HARDFACE AP-O, work-hardening manganese alloy wire for the repair and maintenance of railway track and components vs. conventional stick electrodes. All the major railway depots in Sumatra and Java islands were visited where technical presentations and product demonstrations were conducted.

With a lower heat input, higher deposition efficiency and better weld quality compared to stick electodes, HARDFACE AP-O won the hearts of maintenance managers in no time! HARDFACE AP-O has become the benchmark and preferred maintenance welding product of choice for PT KAI, Indonesia over stick electrodes.

Welding Alloys will continue to lead the ‘Rail Innovation’ with our latest products and cutting edge technology – Our Technical Spark Solves Your Industrial Challenges!

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