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Integra leading the way in engineered wear protection solutions

After multiple successes with repair and maintenance solutions in the recycling industry, Integra France decided to take on a new challenge: the complete design and fabrication of a hammer crusher used in the metal recycling industry – from creation of the plans, right through to final delivery to the customer. The new crusher was reverse-engineered based on a used crusher, which just goes to demonstrate the high level of engineering expertise of our Integra team.

Components of the used crusher were analysed and the appropriate materials were carefully selected for the new crusher, based on the function and demand of each part (wear, mechanical force, impact, etc.). The result? A complete, custom-engineered wear protection solution!
The crusher has been designed to solve industrial maintenance issues and reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) for the customer. Anti-abrasion steel and specially hardfaced areas guarantee an increase of the lifetime of the crusher and the removable parts facilitate the overall maintenance of the equipment.

This turnkey solution is a revolution in the area of recycling, but could also be adapted for industries such as cement or wood. Integra will continue to adapt and develop similar solutions in order to offer the same benefits to customers operating in other industries.

Welding Alloys Integra prides itself on providing innovative, engineered wear protection solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs for our customers – the design and fabrication of this new crusher is a great example of that!

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