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Speed-dial for machine spare parts!

Not having access to the right spare part when needed can cripple a business. When a critical piece of equipment goes down there are few choices. One can either keep expensive spare parts in stock just in case, or hope a supplier has it in stock and not on back order – or have Welding Alloys on speed dial!

Best practice is to regularly inspect equipment to identify worn parts for replacement –to maintain the highest standards of welds, don’t wait for a breakdown. Welding Alloys’ machines are leading in their field at every level.

But no matter how good these machines are, heavy use means maintenance and parts replacement or refurbishment. And as an own equipment manufacturer, Welding Alloys offers original spare parts and the ability to refurbish to customers anywhere in the world.

With a focus on hardfacing, cladding, rebuilding and joining applications, Welding Alloys’ industry-leading range of welding equipment provides improved productivity, repeatability, accuracy and reliability. The original spare parts are available for Plate Cladders, Roll Cladders, Workshop Maintenance Kits (WMK), Sugar Mill Kits (SMK), and much more – just speed-dial your local Welding Alloys subsidiary. The different components are available in many sizes, material and, for all the different processes: open arc, sub arc, gas shielded to name a few. Perhaps an urgent need for straightener wheels, wire feed gears plus motor pinion, torch and torch adaptors, flux shoes, or contact tips and tip adaptors? Welding Alloys is the one-stop-shop!

What are the benefits of Welding Alloys spare parts?

  • Genuine Welding Alloys design
  • Trusted supply chain
  • Proven reliability
  • Available from stock
  • Comprehensive inventories

The name Welding Alloys is synonymous with quality, close customer support and spare parts and refurbishment solutions. That’s why we manage comprehensive parts and accessory inventories for current and discontinued machines, dating back to the 1970s. We are also able to provide alternative solutions, even for parts no longer available.

Reduce equipment downtime with ease of access to spares and keep Welding Alloys on speed dial!

For further information, do not hesitate to contact our spare parts expert, David Butler (machines.france@welding-alloys.com) or get in touch with your local Welding Alloys subsidiary.

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