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Another Roll Cladder welding machine, another satisfied customer

Last week, we received a visit from a customer operating in the steel industry. The customer came to inspect their Roll Cladder machine and carry out the first acceptance tests which consisted of cladding one of their rollers.

The company is producing 4.5 million tonnes of steel per year, using 1600 rolls per year, and each roll requires 34 hours of cladding. With the new machine, productivity will be increased and they will only require 12 hours of cladding per roll (2 welding heads on 1 roll).

Other benefits include increased efficiency, reduced costs and increased quality.

Efficiency & cost reduction:
With our Roll Cladder machine, the customer eliminates the need for propane, as we used two welding heads, there is no need for heating gas burners to maintain a proper interpass temperature. Therefore, approximately 250 kilos of propane is saved per roll.
Quick calculation:

250 kilos of propane = 185€
185€ x 1600 rolls = 296 000€ saved per year

The machine pays for itself!

They will also reduce machining costs, due to the quality and consistency of the beads. It is difficult to evaluate right now, but the customer already declared that thanks to the flatness we reached, his machining costs will drastically decrease.

These trials enabled us to compare the quality of the wires. The customer is facing a lot of issues with their current wires due to humidity (porosity, oxidation) and grease on the wire, which negatively impacts the quality of the weld and requires a lot of manual repairs. These tests provided the perfect opportunity to compare their current non-performing wire (humidity, grease, lack of powders…) with our CHROMECORE 414N-S wire (consistent powder filling, consistent chemical composition, no humidity, no grease, controlled dimensions, baked, properly spooled, etc.) to illustrate the superior quality of Welding Alloys wires.

The next step will be the installation of the machine on site for the customer in Slovakia.

This is one of many Roll Cladder machines on the order book for this year, we’re on a roll!

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