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Pushing the limits of positional hardfacing

For a number of years now, the hardfacing market has been desiring a highly abrasion resistant hardfacing wire which can be welded out of position. Chromium carbide hardfacing wires (such as HCO) do provide high abrasion resistance but are limited to in position welding. The market then had to settle on using out of position tool steel like wires (i.e. LP-G) or chrome carbide stick electrodes. The tool steel like wires gave the out of position capabilities, but then lacked in abrasion resistance. The chrome carbide stick electrodes gave the required abrasion resistance but are more costly and less efficient than hardfacing wires.

Welding Alloys USA has answered the market demand by developing HARDFACE H CP-O 1 /16” ( 1.6mm). HARDFACE HCP-O is a true chrome carbide wire designed for out of position of hard primary carbides in a tough austenitic matrix, which is suitable for hardfacing components subject to severe abrasive wear and moderate impact. HARDFACE HCP-O 1/16” can be welded flat, ID pipe, OD pipe and out-of-position in (but not limited to) horizontal, overhead, vertical down and vertical up. Flat and horizontal position welding can be done with any type of arc transfer. For vertical and over-head welding it is recommended that the arc mode be short-circuit transfer.

WA USA rose to the challenge by proposing a wire that perfectly meets the expectations of the current market!

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