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Superior service life for set of 18 sinter stars with 3D-Carb protection

The 3D-Carb technology was developed by Welding Alloys France in the 1990s to protect sintering elements, stars, slabs, etc. Over the years, the team at Integra France have continued to develop this technology by improving the design and the hardfacing techniques.

Today, Integra France has supplied more than 400 stars, both new and reconditioned with very positive results. Recently, the team in France had some very impressive results and great feedback from a customer who has been using this solution to extend the service life of their sinter crusher stars.

During the first 48 months that the 3D-Carb protected crusher was in service, the tonnage passed through the machine was 30.3 million tonnes. As you can see from the images below, the amount of wear experienced is minimal, given the operating environment and time in service. It’s excellent, after such quantities passing through the machine, to have this level of wear. As a result, these parts will be used for another 4 months, i.e. 52 months total in service.

3D-Carb is clearly superior when compared to standard wear solutions used on these parts, which is evident from the image below, where you can see the wear is significantly more, after less time in service, on the crusher using a ‘competitor wear solution’.

If you’d like to significantly increase the service life of your parts and reduce total cost of ownership, no matter what industry you’re in, contact one of our IntegraTM experts to find out more.

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