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SMK NG: How to replace a bestseller?

It is never easy to replace a successful machine that is renowned for quality and performance. ZUCAR welding machines have been the benchmark for years in sugar cane mill applications.

For a long time, these machines have been sold all over the world and despite very aggressive conditions of use, they offer unparalleled service and robustness that results in very satisfied customers.

However, after all these years, it was time that these machines found a successor – a machine that had all the strengths of its predecessor, but also new functions and features to simplify operation and increase efficiency.

Today, we have achieved this with the new SMK NG machines.

WMK and SMK NG machines at Schweissen & Schneiden 2017

This new generation machine boasts some key advantages over the previous model – the SMK NG is lighter, easier to install, safer and comes with an intuitive control box.

Its brand new reel enables it to be used with a large range of wires from Ø1.6mm up to 4.8mm. Made of plastic material, it provides electrical isolation and facilitates cleaning. The complete machine is IP67 certified.

Fitted with the same guide rails as the previous generation, replacing your old machine is simple and worth it for the increased productivity and profitability.

Take advantage of the expertise at Welding Alloys and be ahead of your competitors by using our market-leading solutions!

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