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Sugar Industry – WA USA breaks new ground!

Welding Alloys USA has been putting a lot of emphasis and focus on the Sugar Industry by developing welding equipment, wires and electrodes to improve productivity and maintenance. Sugar customers want to see “more extraction and grinding time” out of their machines.

The ZUCAR MANUAL GUN has been developed for smaller grinding mills where the traditional ZUCAR and SMK welding units are too big and cannot fit. It is small, practical, easy to setup and easy to use.

As for wires and electrodes, WA USA also developed the MAX EXTRACT SERIES. We have seen great results with the MAX EXTRACT PLUS wire on the spatter and tear drop applications for cane grinding rolls. MAX EXTRACT PLUS is a complex chromium and niobium carbide wire in an austenitic matrix.

Customers used MAX EXTRACT PLUS on the rebuild of the grinding rolls before crop have underwent a full season of crop grinding without wet arcing in the mill. Once the rolls were removed at the end of the grinding season, the spatter and tear drops were still present with no significant wear. These results were noticeable at the Louisiana sugar mills: MA Patout & Sons – 2.2 million tons cane grinded, Raceland Raw Sugar – 1.2 million tons cane grinded and Sterling Sugars – 1.2 million tons cane grinded.

MAX EXTRACT PLUS has also been having great success at US Sugar Corporation, located in Florida. US Sugar Corporation is projected to grind 8.2 Million Tons of cane this year. They have been using MAX EXTRACT PLUS on the rebuild of the grinding rolls in the workshop, as well as, during wet arcing in the mills. Service life of the rolls has increased by at least 50% over other Welding Alloys’ chromium carbide and non-chromium wires. Extraction rates have also increased to 97-98%. WA USA is currently developing a MAX EXTRACT PLUS Electrode.

For further information on MAX EXTRACT SERIES and MAX EXTRACT PLUS wire, please contact Pedro Cesar (email: pedro.cesar@welding-alloys.com or (513) 515-9008).

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