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Sweet success


Welding Alloys USA and Reptec de Guatemala continue to have sweet success in the Sugar Industry.  During the 2018 repair season, Reptec have been hard at work hardfacing 186 sugar maces for 12 different mills in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Belize.

We predict that this momentum will continue for the 2018-2019 crushing season, where we expect to be applying Chapisco to over 20 mills. This would require the use of a combination of WA machines and consumables dedicated to the sugar industry, including 14 Sugar Mill Kits, 6 Zucar Manual Torches and in some smaller mills, our new Max Extract Electrodes.

The outlook is also very positive in the US, where our success continues to grow with the focus of longer life with our Max Extract Plus wires.  The largest US sugar mill has installed our Sugar Mill Kits on their second line to be able to apply Max Extract Plus during the crushing season, following a successful trial during the 2017-2018 season.

Jeffery Watkins, WA USA President

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