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After having received the contact details of a French rock wool manufacturer by our WA Produr colleagues, the WA France team proactively made contact with the potential future customer to see how WA could benefit their business.

This meeting provided the opportunity to learn about the customer and their business, as well as their hardfacing operation of rotors (rolls), which had previously been carried out with a competitor’s product. The tailored technical support and after-sales follow-up provided by Welding Alloys persuaded the customer to trial our solution. In collaboration with our R&D department, we quickly delivered a Welding Alloys solution: TUBE S 591 + WAF ULTRA FLUX.

TUBE S 591 was specially designed for surfacing rolls subject to corrosive wear at high temperature.

In order to test the products under real conditions of use, the customer placed a trial order, which, during the first use, needed some tweaking in terms of implementation and settings. Jérémie Goulois, sales representative, who was their main point of contact, returned with David Kniebhily, a welding expert, who successfully solved the issue.

Convinced by our performance, our professionalism and the quality of the hardfaced parts that have performed excellently in production (well above the performance of the competitor solution); the customer placed a three-month order!

The sales potential of this customer represents 18 to 20T of wire as well as 20T of flux year-round.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this new business development!

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