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The HIBRITE project is well on track!

For more than a year now, our production teams have been working on an ambitious project: Fundamentally transforming the manufacturing process of our TETRA wires to make them more consistent and efficient for welding and even more appreciated by our customers.

This project is also one of the 10 key projects identified by Welding Alloys Group to achieve our goals by 2020.

The “HIBRITE” project is well on track to reaching its goal. Our new TETRA wire seems to meet our original specifications in all respects: improved roundness, higher filling rate, reduced strip coverage, and high quality visual finishing. These characteristics result in improved weldability with consistent parameters throughout the welding process.

We have great hopes of expanding our sales with this “new” product. It is important to note that the production of our TETRA “stainless” wire is now centralized in a new workshop, this ensures the quality of production of this range of high value added wire.

As we are convinced that success depends on the continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes, we thank all the people involved in this project!
Concerned ref: (TETRA S or V 1.2 & 1.6mm: 308L, 316L, 309L, Duplex)

The first customer feedback is positive and encouraging!

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