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WA Machines – The latest technology without the expense of replacement

Everyone likes new things, however there is always comfort with what you have and know.  If you have an existing machine that you’d rather keep than replace, the Welding Alloys machines department can help.

Recently the Welding Alloys machine business has delivered the first of two machine upgrades to our subsidiary in Sweden, Dalforsån.  The major work replaced the wire feeders, oscillators, flux recovery, power source sand electrical cabinet.  As well as the hardware upgrade, the machine now has the D3 Touch control system to manage and data log the welding process.

With Welding Alloys machine upgrades, you can have the latest technology and replacement of worn out mechanical parts without having to go to the expense of replacing the whole machine. We can provide an economical solution so that you can keep the machine that you know and love but with the latest technology and components, ensuring it conforms to the latest safety standards. With an upgrade you can benefit from increased productivity with program storing, multiple options and tailored features upon request.

For more information about upgrading your welding machines, please contact us.

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