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Welding Alloys France helps a Senegalese School

Every year, since 2011, Ibra Diop (WA France R&D Manager) organizes a fundraising campain within Welding Alloys France to improve the quality of teaching and to guarantee a better future for children of a Senegalese school.

The Serigne Modou Maty Sakho Mbacké Ex Mbacké Dimb Elementary School, which has about 200 children, is located in the center of the country, about 200 km from Dakar, the capital. Born and raised in this same region, Ibra understands all too well the difficulties they face and he is naturally committed to helping them.

Donations are collected in the form of money. Part of this is used to buy school supplies for students and the rest is to renovate facilities such as toilets, offices etc.

This enabled him to buy school supplies and education materials but also medicines for the health post located 200m from the school. Finally, a part of the funds will be devoted to the construction of a temporary shelter that will accommodate the surplus of students enrolled this year.
Welding Alloys France also provided some pens, balloons and t-shirts!

The distribution took place on November 13 in the presence of students, parents and teachers. They opened the ceremony with several speeches of thanks to donors and Ibra spoke to explain the reasons for his presence but also the origin of the donations.

Then came the moment the children had all been waiting for: the award of prizes to the most deserving students (1st and 2nd) of each of the six classes! After this, the rest of the items were given out to the remaining students, who were excited to receive their new supplies!

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