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Welding Alloys Japan 20th anniversary

On Oct. 18, 2019, the 20th anniversary ceremony of WAJ was held at the Palace Hotel. A total of 47 guests including customers, business partners, university professors, and financial institutions attended the event, and totally 90 people celebrated it.

Fukumoto, the Japan Managing Director, expressed his gratitude for the 20th anniversary. And he said that WAJ will continue to develop proposal-type sales with the aim of becoming a “development core company” specializing in the field of wear and corrosion resistant overlay welding. And  expressed its determination to further focus on the development of “SmartWelding” in order to further promote automation and unmanned welding in overlay welding.

Aota, the founder, explained the background of the company’s establishment and the harsh conditions at the time of its establishment. He also expressed his passion for working on the goals of human resource development, technology development, customer development, and social contribution based on his management philosophy.

In addition, all the team received congratulations from the guests, including Professor Emeritus, Osaka University. Finally, Dominic Stekly sent a congratulatory message and a special gift to WAJ.

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