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    TUBE S 361-G
TUBE S 361-G

TUBE S 361-G

Metal cored stainless steel wire for gas shielded arc welding

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Technical information

Product Details

  • Alloy Type: Stainless Steels
  • Cracks: No
  • Machinable: Yes
  • Multi-layer: Yes
  • EN ISO Classification(s): EN ISO 17633-A: T Z 19 13 Si N L M M12 1
  • Base Metal(s) to Weld: 1.4505, 1.4500, 1.4506, 1.4539, 1.4536, 1.4585
  • Welding Process(es): FCAW-G


  • Weld metal designed to join stainless steel 1.4361
  • Enhanced productivity, improved weldability, better wetting properties compared to solid wires
  • Excellent weld metal quality and X-ray soundness

Wear type suitability:


Welding Positions:

  • *Out of position welding also possible using short circuit or pulsed arc modes of transfer.

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