Why Welding Alloys?

We manufacture an extensive range of cored hardfacing consumables in the standard low, medium, and high alloy ranges. Additionally, we also offer advanced materials and alloys ranging from specialised consumables, carbide embedded weld deposits to ceramic tiles, castables, thermal sprayed solutions, cladding services, to name a few.
Our proven history, hands-on approach, and a passion for what we do have resulted in our unique skill set in providing standard and specialised solutions alike. We offer customers peace of mind in the knowledge that they will receive not just a quality product, but an engineered wear protection solution that stands the test of time for applications subject to individual or combined wear phenomenon.

Amongst others, alloys can be deposited through methods including:

  • Open arc welding using self-shielded consumables
  • Gas shielded arc welding MIG/MAG/GMAW using an external shielding gas
  • Processes using modified wave and pulsed technology
  • Submerged arc welding
  • Thermal spraying
  • Plasma and laser technology

Engineered Wear Services

Our Integra Teams are dedicated to providing products, services and solutions to the repair and maintenance sectors of industry, and are an integral part of the production process of many of our customers. By utilising the broad knowledge, know-how, and unique abilities of our teams, Welding Alloys offers a wide range of services to identify, solve, and improve conditions adversely affected by wear. Our flexibility and global network enable us to carry out work, in situ, on-site, and in our well-equipped workshops delivering increased wear life and decreased total cost of ownership (TCO).