• 3D-CarbTM helps to restore parts with less material and waste

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This proprietary product is designed to address application-specific wear phenomenon resulting from extreme levels of thermal fatigue, impact and abrasion. By using our Wear Audit concept, Welding Alloys analyse wear phenomenon data to use for the design, development and production of wear resistant liners and components, to address the individual customer needs.

3D-Carb is a welded solution, manufactured by a proprietary method to produce through-thickness hardfacing, while maintaining the vital balance between extreme wear resistance and component toughness. This product offers outstanding protection against various forms of extreme wear. Feedback from applications within sinter plants have shown component life extension of 500%, compared to the original product and design.

3D-Carb is not an off-the-shelf product, instead it is designed and produced to address specific wear problems and is then supplied ready for installation. In other words, it is not intended for subsequent processing by means of rolling, bending, or any modification, rather it is manufactured to suit and fit the intended application in an as-delivered condition.

Welding Alloys Integra Service centres are located around the globe providing our customers with a complete turnkey solution. From the initial wear audit of the application our teams are able to provide specialist knowledge and experience to deliver our customers with the best possible solutions.

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  • Parts are restored to their original shape
  • Often slight improvements in component design, in conjunction with 3D-Carb, delivers outstanding performance
  • Quick turn-around times, aided by high deposition rates
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Well suited to the manufacture of high-value replacement and repair parts.
  • Build speed; reduction of lead time

3D-Carb is widely used throughout the following industries:

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