• RPMaxLife for longer Roller Press life without the need for intermediate repairs

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Welding Alloys provides the ultimate solution for increasing the lifetime of roller press rollers without the need for periodic, intermediate repairs. Our innovative RPMaxLife technology is proven to be superior in all aspects compared to standard hardfacing solutions. RPMaxLife combines the strength of our highly skilled Integra engineers with the Welding Alloys methods, designs, procedures and hardfacing consumables to provide a solution that customers can rely on. We thereby ensure that roller presses operate at optimum performance for prolonged periods of time, without the need for periodic repairs to the welded layer.

In collaboration with Welding Alloys, our subsidiary, Dalforsån in Sweden provides new rollers for customers, ready for use. The rollers can be supplied as fully heat treated and machined forgings with the RPMaxLife solution pre-applied and ready for installation, ensuring a reliable, long-lasting solution.

RPMax static
  • A welded, multi-layer, abrasion and impact resistant product
  • Ability to absorb shock when extremely hard material passes through the mill
  • Provides welder friendly characteristics suitable for in situ application
  • Will prevent crack propagation into the roller base material
  • Repair-friendly for in situ work when wear surface repairs are needed
  • The wear surface results in increased total roller life and substantially reduced wear
  • Lower operating costs per ton produced compared to other methods of refurbishment
  • Offers reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

RPMaxLife is widely used throughout the following industries:

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