Our approach

Initiated by research, tested in industry, applied solutions world-wide.

Analysis and planning

With decades of industrial knowledge, we utilise our Wear Audit concept and expertise to assess, design, plan and apply the correct coating, in the right area to improve wear response, minimise maintenance requirements and ultimately reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)

Conduct coating trials:

Based on industrial needs, development plans are established to guide our trial process. Suitable and representative test pieces are utilised to test concepts and to validate the development strategy.

Analysis of results:

Once the coating trials are completed, the produced test pieces are sent to our laboratory for analysis. This forms part of our quality assurance to ensure we meet the requirements. Based on the results, the process is refined until acceptable results are obtained.

Initiate production:

Following this, the process is then tested in real time industrial environments, results are validated and only once our development teams are satisfied, we approve the solution for commercial use. The approved coating solution then gets implemented at scale by the Integra thermal spray teams.

What technical challenges can our thermal spray coating specialists help you to overcome?

Engineered Wear Services

Our Integra Teams are dedicated to providing products, services and solutions to the repair and maintenance sectors of industry, and are an integral part of the production process of many of our customers. By utilising the broad knowledge, know-how, and unique abilities of our teams, Welding Alloys offers a wide range of services to identify, solve, and improve conditions adversely affected by wear. Our flexibility and global network enable us to carry out work, in situ, on-site, and in our well-equipped workshops delivering increased wear life and decreased total cost of ownership (TCO).