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Wear Types

Wear is defined as a progressive deterioration through loss of material due to prolonged or over-frequent use that ultimately degrades the condition of a part. This leads to a loss of performance, reduced productivity, increased risk to personnel, higher energy and input consumption, deterioration of output quality, and a lower yield.

When wear factors are combined, it can result in significantly increased costs. It is, therefore, crucial to take condition monitoring and wear management into account when it comes to maintenance and repair operations to ensure efficient operations, productive output, and cost optimisation.

The most common types of wear are:

Welding Alloys wear solutions

Our Integra division specialises in providing wear protection services that can be undertaken in-house or in situ. We use our own range of advanced welding consumables and state-of-the-art equipment for the hardfacing, cladding, and restoration of components worn in service. Backed by over 50 years of global industry-specific experience, know-how and knowledge, our teams of service professionals, engineers, technicians, and support staff provide world-leading solutions to our growing customer base.

Our knowledge of service conditions, wear phenomenon, and material response to wear enables us to develop and apply the appropriate welding method and consumables, thereby ensuring exceptional component service life and always exceeding the original design performance.

Integra Solutions

In partnership with our customers and according to their specifications, best practice and application-specific procedures, Welding Alloys Integra offers a full range of services and customised wear solutions to increase the uptime of operations through:
  • Wear Audits & Data Analysis
  • Preventative Maintenance Methodology
  • Wear Response Optimisation
  • Fabrication of wear parts and components
  • Restoration of components damaged by wear
Simply visit our Integra Services page to find out more.

Integra Service Centres

Welding Alloys operates 25 Integra Service Centres worldwide and offer extensive expertise across a large range of industries developed over decades of commitment to finding solutions, a passion to excel, hands-on experience, and excellence in whatever we do. We pride ourselves on employing the most knowledgeable engineers, technicians, welders, and support staff across the globe, providing leading wear applications and solutions. Find your local Integra Service Centre.

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