• Protect parts from the effects of impact


Impact wear is caused through repetitive contact with another solid object, either falling from height or impacting due to the velocity of either or one of the objects. Wear of this type is seen predominantly in the mining and mineral industries, but are also evident in many other industries such as steel making, construction, sugar etc.

The systematic degradation of plant and equipment experiencing impact wear can result from transporting or processing medium-to-large particles of rock, ore, minerals, and even other metallic objects. This causes cracking, piercing, material break-out, metal fatigue, deformation, bulging, and compressing of metallic surfaces and wear parts.

Hardfacing of new or old wear parts have proven to prevent premature failure, extending the design life of the part and reducing maintenance costs. Parts manufactured using our range of Hardplate, Hardlite and Tuffplate chromium and complex carbide-based wear-resistant materials have a proven track record globally in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, showing a noticeable increase in wear resistance and overall part lifetime. This results in a reduction of maintenance requirements and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


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