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Advanced Coatings

It is important to understand that different materials may respond very differently through exposure to wear. For example, some may perform exceptionally well in impact environments, but not do well when exposed to corrosive media, while others still could do well in corrosive environments, but fail rapidly when used in mineral abrasion applications. It is therefore vital to match the correct material to an application for achieving optimum wear protection results. In many instances, use of a single material is not capable of achieving the desired results, instead using a combination of materials, applying the correct material to the correct area, will render more desirable results and improve wear resistance.

Since there are different types of wear, various levels of deterioration, and several factors to consider when analysing wear, most wear problems require expert analysis. By correctly diagnosing the problem and its root cause, the most effective coating solution can be identified.

Each type of coating solution provides a unique set of benefits. By requesting a Welding Alloys Wear Audit, we can analyse the data gathered to identify the correct wear solution for a specific wear situation.

At Welding Alloys, we offer the following advanced coating solutions:

Ceramic Polymers Featured


Welding Alloys offers a range of ceramic solutions to combat sliding and impact, abrasion, erosion and thermal shock. Our cast and titled ceramic coatings can be tailor made for a range of applications.

Rubbers Featured


Welding Alloys offers rubber liners and composite rubber products to reduce the wear rate and significantly increase liner life.



Welding Alloys offers a range of paints to increase the lifetime of parts and applications by increasing the protection of parts from environmental and corrosive wear

Paint Featured


Welding Alloys offers a range of resins that provide added layers of protection for increased part life by rebuilding wear caused by abrasion.

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