• Dedicated wear plate for applications within the glass industry

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Glassplate and Glasslite

Some industrial applications require very specific solutions to maintain quality and product integrity. One such application is the wear protection of parts and components in the Plate and Building Glass Industry where the presence of Nickel Sulphide in plate glass can have adverse effects on the glass quality that result in failure. Working with industry experts, our Integra service centre experts have developed a welded overlay plate dedicated to applications in the glass industry

Both Glassplate and Glasslite are specifically developed, exhibiting a high chromium cast iron wear protection layer, containing ultra-low nickel content. This makes these Welding Alloys products ideal for applications in the glass industry, where they outperform quenched and tempered plates. The use of  Glassplate and Glasslite for industrial applications has shown to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), through prolonged wear life and reduced maintenance requirements, without adversely affecting the produced glass quality.

Our range of plates are manufactured in accordance with our internal welding procedures to the highest standards. We also offer design and fabrication services throughout our global network of Integra service centres, providing customers with advice, solution development, manufacturing and installation of tailored solutions.

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  • Abrasive resistant layer thickness of Glasslite from 2 to 3 mm, without reduction in wear resistance, making it a premium product to use where weight is a consideration
  • The abrasive resistant layer thickness of Glassplateranges from 5 to 15 mm.
  • Total nickel content less than 0.05%.
  • High chromium carbide content, dispersed evenly throughout the overlay thickness.
  • Typical hardness of Glassliteis between 65 to 68 HRC in both instances, Typical hardness of Glassplate range from 58 to 64 HRC.


  • Overall thickness is maintained within 10% of the specified thickness.
  • Dimensions are within ±1.0 mm of the specified dimension for all plasma cut parts. Other cutting methods such as laser and water-jet could be available on request.
  • Plate flatness is maintained within ±6 mm over a 1000 m plate length.
maximum of 0.05% Nickel
Chromium carbides
Optimum solution for glass industry
maximum of 0.05% Nickel
Chromium carbides
Optimum solution for glass industry
Fair corrosion resistance – Designed to withstand contamination of the downstream glass products.
65 – 68 HRC (800 – 860 HV)58 – 64 HRC (800 – 860 HV)
950 mm x 1950 mm2900 mm x 1400 mm or 2900 mm x 1900 mm
Base plate: 2 or 3 mm
Coating: 2 or 3 mm
Base plate: 5 to 12 mm
Coating: 3 to 12 mm
Other sizes available on request
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