• As hard as quartz with a wide selection suitable for all applications

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Hardlite is lighter, easier to use, safer to handle and more flexible than standard wear plates, so it can be easily shaped and adapted to your installation. Hardlite is the ideal solution when weight is a key factor to consider.

Hardlite offers extreme resistance to abrasion and erosion thanks to our proprietary welding procedure and cored consumables. Together they minimise the effect of base material dilution, ensuring a refined microstructure, with evenly distributed chromium carbide particles throughout the thickness of the overlay material. Despite the very thin overlay, these properties ensure class-leading high hardness and a stable through-thickness wear resistance, very seldom found in much thicker overlays.

Our range of composite overlay wear plates are manufactured in accordance with our internal welding procedures to the highest standards. We also offer design and fabrication services throughout our global network of Integra service centres. Customers benefit from our solutions, resulting from reduced maintenance demand, longer wear life, optimised maintenance cycles and a reduction in total cost of ownership TCO).


Hardlite is lightweight with an extremely high resistance to abrasive wear combined with low levels of impact, where low liner weight is important.

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  • Total plate thicknesses from 4 to 6 mm
  • Harder than quartz (64 to 66 HRC)
  • Fully maintained at temperatures of up to 300°C (570°F)


  • Tubular products are supplied in 2000 mm maximum length, with a 75 mm minimum internal diameter after welding.
  • Both flat and tubular products are only hardfaced on one side
  • These products can also be supplied as pre-cut profiles to drawing or as manufactured components.
  • Various fitment options are available upon request.
Refined microstructure with high volume of chromium carbides
Extremely high wear resistance
Fair corrosion resistance – Designed to withstand moderate impact
Hardness 68 HRC
1000 mm x 2000 mm
Base plate: 2 or 3 mm
Coating: 2 or 3 mm
Other sizes available on request
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