• Heavy duty composite overlay wear plate for a range of applications

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Hardplate is designed to endure high working temperatures, harsh environments and extreme wear. Our heavy-duty composite wear plates consist of a low carbon base material and welded overlay thickness, using various chromium and complex carbide based alloys. The plate thickness and alloy type are selected based on the application, wear phenomenon and operating conditions and requirements. Our products and solutions are used to combat wear with great success in various applications found across the broader spectrum of industries.

Our wear plates are manufactured in accordance with proven welding procedures and quality assurance standards to ensure consistent, high quality products conforming to the highest expectations set by our customers and industry alike. Our technical capability and passion for what we do, ensure our solutions and services offer wear resistant properties far exceeding those of quenched and tempered abrasion resistant steels. We also offer design and fabrication services through our network of Integra service centres located across the world. 

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  • Standard total overlay thickness from of 4 to 15mm
  • Wear resistance is fully maintained at temperatures ranging from room temperature to 700°C (1290°F), depending on the plate type.
  • Tailored products and solutions available on request.
  • Through-thickness hardness and wear resistance.
  • Stringer and oscillated weld bead options.
  • Flat and tubular products are available.
  • Global manufacturing and supply chain.


  • Tubular products are supplied in 3000 mm maximum lengths, with a 75 mm minimum internal diameter after welding
  • Both flat and tubular products can be hardfaced on single or both sides
  • These products can also be supplied as pre-cut profiles to drawing or as manufactured components
  • Various fitment options are available upon request
Hardplate 100 Hardplate 300 Hardplate 600
Chromium carbides
Excellent wear resistance
Optimum solution for most applications
Chromium + niobium carbides
Superior wear resistance
For severe conditions of service up to 300°C
Complex carbides
Superior wear resistance
Keeps its outstanding properties up to 600°C
Fair corrosion resistance – Designed to withstand moderate impact
Hardness 60 – 62 HRC Hardness 61 – 63 HRC Hardness 62 – 64 HRC
1500 mm x 3000 mm (L) & 2000 mm x 3000 mm (XL)
Base plate: 5 to 15 mm
Coating: 3 to 15 mm
Other sizes available on request
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