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Tuffplate is one of our premium welded, composite overlay products. It comprises a low carbon construction steel base, hardfaced with an alloy containing extremely hard, finely dispersed titanium carbides in a martensitic matrix with a high chromium content. This unique plate breaches the gap that previously existed where suppliers could either completely address abrasion or impact, but not both phenomena with a single wear plate. In applications where both impact and abrasion are prominent wear problems, Tuffplate, has proven itself as an excellent product.

We manufacture Tuffplate using Welding Alloys-developed cored welding wire, proven welding procedures and stringent quality assurance measures. This allows the production of a welded overlay with homogeneous chemistry, resulting in even distribution of the titanium and chromium carbide particles resulting in a stable, through-thickness wear rate. Complimentary to our range of plate products, we also provide design and fabrication services throughout our global network of Integra service centres.


Ideal for applications that are subject to a combination of abrasion, pressure, and impact.

Ideal for applications that are subject to a combination of abrasion, pressure, and impact.

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  • Overlay thicknesses from 4 to 8 mm
  • Wear resistance is fully maintained at temperatures of up to 200°C (390°F).


  • Tubular products are supplied in 3000 mm maximum length, with a 75 mm minimum internal diameter after welding
  • Both flat and tubular products can be hardfaced as single or double sided products.
  • Based on customer requirements, products can also be supplied as pre-cut and profiled liners, conforming to drawing specifications, or as complete manufactured components, ready to install.

Various fitment options are available, based on installation requirements and customer specifications.

Finely dispersed carbides within a tool steel matrix.
Ideal for areas with a combination of abrasion, pressure and impact
Hardness 56 – 58 HRC
1500 mm x 3000 mm (L)
Base plate: 5 to 15 mm
Coating: 3 to 15 mm
Other sizes available on request
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