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Wear Pipes & Tube Solutions

Wear is a deteriorating process that involves interactions between surfaces, materials and compounds resulting in the removal of surface material, or the deformation of surfaces due to mechanical action between surfaces caused by motion or a chemical reaction.

As a result of exposure to wear, certain components and parts, generally designed to be consumables, will need replacement over time. The cost of new parts and components form part of the maintenance budget in industries where wear is encountered. To become more efficient, many organisations seek to reduce the need for replacement, or to prolong the lifespan of these components, thereby reducing their maintenance cost. Every solution we design, develop and manufacture at Welding Alloys has the common goal of reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers.

Our technical experts provide design, re-design, optimisation, repair, rebuilding, cladding, and hardfacing solutions, to restore or increase the service life of parts and components affected by wear across many industries. We use our range of Hardplate, Hardlite and Tuffplate chromium and complex carbide-based wear resistant plate and pipe and non-metallic wear resistant materials. These are complimented by our proven welding procedures and cored welding consumables to design, develop, manufacture and install solutions that meet and exceed industry expectations.

Our global Integra service centres can provide welding services on-site or in our workshops. Our solutions will reduce downtime, increase component lifetime and ultimately reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Additionally, we can manufacture and supply a full range of wear plates or overlay products in accordance with OEM or customer designs to fulfil your unique requirements.

Expert solutions for a wide range of industries:

Our Integra service centres that operate worldwide, offer extensive expertise across several industries, including:

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