• High durability for increased wear lining resistance

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Ceramic Tiles

As part of our portfolio of wear resistant products, Welding Alloys also offer ceramic tiles to compliment our range of welded composite wear plates, enabling us to expand our solutions into more industries, markets and applications. Ceramic wear resistant tiles offer excellent abrasion resistance, giving us the flexibility to provide our customers with the correct materials, in the areas where they perform best.

In addition to its outstanding abrasion resistance, ceramic tiles also offer excellent resistance to chemical aggression and have outstanding mechanical properties which permit the production of linings with thicknesses of between 1.5 mm to 75 mm.

Pre-engineered alumina tiles are tailor made to suit any type of application such as short and long radius bends, small and large bore pipe sections, square to round transitions, cones, pipe junctions and connections etc. The ceramic tiles, when installed correctly, provide some resistance to low levels of shock and extreme sliding abrasion, caused by material passing over and wearing the surface of the part.

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