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Hardfaced and Q&T Steel

Quenched and tempered (Q&T) wear resistant steels are manufactured and heat treated to produce increased hardness and strength. This in return result in improved wear resistant properties, making these steels excellent options for applications where low to moderate abrasive, erosive and impact wear is experienced.

Welded composite overlay materials generally referred to as hardfaced plate, CrC plate or chromium carbide plate, offer improved wear resistance when compared to (Q&T) materials. Welding Alloys manufactures basic Chromium Carbide overlay plates and a range of plate material clad with advanced complex carbide-based alloys. These offer improved wear resistance and successful use for products in applications exposed to elevated temperatures.

Our hardfaced (Hardplate, Hardlite, Tuffplate) and quenched and tempered steel (Q&T) solutions can be cut, rolled, bent and shaped to your unique requirements and specifications. Welding Alloys’ materials and solutions are designed and developed with flexibility in mind, we address and optimise customer and industry needs, and can address general requirements or provide very specific and tailored solutions. For example, our solutions are either offered as ready-to-install components, with various fitment options, including studs, countersunk bolts, welded-on etc. or as turnkey solutions.

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